Quark Theatre is pleased to accept script submissions for our 2024-25 season. We hope to produce three shows written by local playwrights. Please note that this is only open to playwrights who live in the Memphis metro area.


Please send an email to, and attach your script in PDF format. Make sure the email contains your name; the PDF script must not contain your name anywhere. This will be a blind review process—script readers will not know the playwrights’ names until after decisions have been made.

Submissions must be received no later than January 31, 2024.


In general, we’re looking for sharp writing, excellent roles for actors, small cast size, little to no set requirements, one act, no intermission 90 minutes or less. We’re seeking shows that will give audiences something to talk about as they leave the theater, as opposed to shows with tidy, pat resolutions. And of course there is an added subjective element, the thing we call “Quarkiness,” that we’re hoping to find as well.

The selected scripts will receive a modest honorarium.

(We know it’s a tall order to create something like this, and we have no idea what to expect when taking submissions this way. If we don’t receive scripts that grab us sufficiently to want to produce them, we may do less than a full season of local shows.)