Season Announcement

Quark Theatre is excited to announce our 2018/2019 season!

  • RADIANT VERMIN by Philip Ridley  (Regional Premiere!): September 2018
  • A NUMBER  by Caryl Churchill (Regional Premiere?): March 2019

With this season, Quark continues its mission of producing shows that engage the intellect as well as the emotions. Announcements about auditions as well as other information will be coming soon!

Radiant Vermin is a wickedly comic satire about a young couple offered a way out of the housing crisis, and just how far they’re prepared to go for it. Ollie and Jill want to tell you about their dream home. Some of the things they did to get it, you might find shocking. But they want you to know they did it all for their baby…

A hilarious and outrageous black comedy from internationally acclaimed ‘master of modern myth’ (Guardian) Philip Ridley. Playful, provocative and viciously sharp, Radiant Vermin is a meditation on how far we will go to satisfy our materialistic greed.

Radiant Vermin is a blithely told fable for the age of unaffordable housing. Like a Brothers Grimm story, it is executed with its own consistent fantasy logic, deployed to remind us of the dangers of getting what we wish for.”—New York Times

Philip Ridley is an English storyteller working in a wide range of artistic media. As a playwright he has been cited as a pioneer of ‘In-yer-face theatre’, with his debut play The Pitchfork Disney considered by many to be a seminal work in the development of the style, with one critic even dubbing it “the key play” of the 1990s.

Caryl Churchill’s A Number is set in a world in which human cloning is a reality. It explores the ethics of cloning, the fragility of personal identity and the conflicting claims of nature and nurture. How might a man feel to discover that he is only one in a number of identical copies?  And which one of him is the original…?

“Caryl Churchill’s magnificent new play only lasts an hour but contains more drama, and more ideas, than most writers manage in a dozen full-length works.” –Daily Telegraph

“Rarely in my theatre going experience has a new play conveyed such a disturbing or enthralling impression of domestic weirdness…. An astonishing event.”—Evening Standard

Caryl Churchill has been hailed as “the greatest living English language playwright,” by Tony Kushner and as “the first dramatist of the 21st century” by the London Sunday Times.

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