Upcoming Shows

Next Show: The Nether by Jennifer Haley
When: March 9 – 25, 2018
Where: Evergreen Theater, 1705 Poplar Ave

The Nether received the following awards and nominations:

  • Winner, 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize
  • Nominated, 2015 Olivier Award for Best Play

The story: In a future that may be closer than we think, the Internet we know today has evolved into The Nether, a virtual world where anything is possible. Think along the lines of the Holodeck on Star Trek and you’ll have the idea. As society and planetary resources have continued to fray and diminish, people spend more and more of their lives in The Nether. When horrific crimes are committed there, a young female detective has to find the truth. But in a virtual world where people can change their avatars like a suit of clothes, what is a crime? Is real-world crime prevented by The Nether, or encouraged? A blend of science fiction, true crime drama and personal discovery, The Nether explores the nature of reality when the most important things in your life happen in an artificial world.

Warning: This play suggests, but does not show, gruesome acts of violence. Not suitable for children.